Education and Research Award Application

GNAO offers two yearly awards for financial assistance; one each in the categories of education and research.  The awards in both categories are for the pursuit of educational or research initiatives directly related to gerontological nursing practice.  The amount of the award will be decided upon at the discretion of the Provincial Board executive.

For the Education/Research Award Policy, please click here

PDF Application click here

    Chapter Association

    For which fund are you applying:


    For Education application
    Name of Educational Program/course/seminar

    Education Facility/Program Sponsor

    Length of the Program

    Anticipated Date of Entry

    For Research Application
    Title of research proposal

    Length of Study

    Anticipated Initiation Date

    Indicate level of research expertise:

    Please submit electronically, the entire application comprised of:

    •  Completed education/research fund application form.

    • Brief resume/curriculum vitae, including educational background, professional nursing experience (employment history) and professional /volunteer activities.

    • For research fund application: a brief summary of a research proposal outlining the purpose, methods, subject/population, ethical considerations, justified budget, letters of support and a list of references (7-10 pages). If available at the time of submission, provide documentation of ethics approval. Pro-tem approval is acceptable.

    • For educational fund application: a brief essay (500-1000 words) in response to the following question: How will this educational endeavour contribute to my practice in gerontological nursing? In addition, a copy of the course outline from an academic calendar or copy of the course, seminar, workshop brochure, and if available, a copy of receipt of registration and copy of acceptance, may be sent in the mail to:

    • If using the PDF Application provided, please print and fill out the form, then surface mail back to the GNAO address below.

    Chair, Education and Research Award Committee
    Gerontological Nursing Association Ontario
    P.O. Box 368 Postal Station ‘K’
    Toronto, Ontario M4P 2E0